We are a large team of professionals in Siberia. We produce fresh meat. We are near you! We are honest and open to you.

We produce meat in strict compliance with process requirements at our own pig and poultry farms. Every day, we carefully cut meat and deliver it as quickly as possible to retail stores to offer the best freshness and affordable prices to our customers.

Our priorities

  • To develop export of our products
  • To work with genetics and create our own highly productive breeding material
  • To develop the production of ready-to-cook food
  • To automate and digitalize our production processes
  • To develop crop production


Our core activities are pig farming, processing and sale of meat, poultry farming, and egg production. All areas are fast growing and developing.


The Group’s enterprises are located in different geographic areas, all of which are considered safe for animal farming and not exposed to risk of animal diseases. We pay particular attention to the compliance with biosafety requirements.


Pig breeding complexes of SIBAGRO are leaders in Russia in terms of average daily live weight gain and prolificacy of pigs (according to rankings of the National Union of Pig Breeders). The Tomskaya Poultry Farm, with an European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) of 406, is a member of Ross® 400 Club. SIBAGRO meat processing plants are the largest meat processors in the Urals and Siberia, offering over 300 fresh and natural meat products.


Genomes of all sows and boars are stored in a modern laboratory created in the nucleus of the Group — the Tyumensky Pig Breeding Complex, which supplies high-value breeding material to all our pig farms. As demonstrated according to the industry standard, Tyumensky has maintained the purity of pig breeds for five generations. Only nine enterprises in the Russian Federation are engaged in such activities.


We cultivate almost 270 thousand hectares of land. Main crops include winter and spring wheat, barley and soybeans, from which high-quality feeds are produced. Seven high-tech feeds, developed according to the Group’s standards, are used at every stage of livestock raising.