Sibagro adheres to a people-centered and socially responsible approach to doing business.

As the largest agricultural producer in Tomsk and Sverdlovsk regions, Republic of Buryatia and Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Group feels responsible towards local communities — consumers of its products, as well as towards business partners, leaders of cities and regions of presence. We are committed to supporting the social sector and environmental well-being.

Priorities of our company

High-quality products
Our mission is to improve the lives of people by producing tasty, healthy and affordable food, saving their effort and time they spend for cooking. SIBAGRO is constantly improving its processes, seeking to make the quality and taste of its products even better, satisfying the needs of different groups of consumers.
Environmental safety
All production processes at SIBAGRO enterprises comply with regulatory requirements. The Group is committed to disposing of animal waste in the most efficient way possible. Our pig and poultry farms meet strict requirements for animal management. We also place high demands on quality and transportation of animal feed products.
Support for the social sector
Sibagro JSC is committed to preserving and promoting cultural heritage by supporting museums and contributing to erection of various monuments. Our company supports artistic and sports teams, provides targeted assistance, and participates in charitable activities. Moreover, the company implements its own social and children’s educational projects.