The only poultry farm of the Group.
Founded over 45 years ago (1975).

It is one of the most technologically advanced poultry farms in Siberia.
It produces broiler meat and a variety of broiler meat products. The only chicken egg producer in the Tomsk Region.

Its products are sold in the Tomsk Region and other markets, including Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, and the Altai Territory.

The poultry farm is located on several sites: in villages of Rassvet (commercial egg production), Molodezhny (poultry meat production) and Zarechny (raising of broiler breeder replacement pullets, management of broiler breeders, production of broiler hatching eggs).
The farm includes a feed mill with a capacity of 20 tonnes of feed per hour and 1,200 hectares of agricultural land.

In 2018, the Tomskaya Poultry Farm joined Ross® 400, an elite international club, with an European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) of 406. Less than 5% of Russian poultry farms have been awarded this status.
Victor G. Shalyupa
Victor G. Shalyupa
2 044 400 heads
of broilers
39 100 tonnes
of chicken meat
400 000 heads
of layers
92 150 000 eggs
per year
Tomskaya Poultry Farm
Address: bld 41, site 1, Malinovka, Tomsky District, 634580, Russia
Legal name: Tomskaya Poultry Farm of Sibagro JSC