One of the largest meat processing enterprises in the Urals.

In 2018, the meat processing plant joined the Sibagro Group.

It is equipped with the most modern facilities and produces up to 60 tonnes of finished products per day.

The enterprise offers over 350 pork and chicken meat products, many of which have won national and international awards, as well as chilled and frozen meat to wholesale customers.

The plant owns perfect laboratory equipment and the only FoodScan Meat Analyzer in the Sverdlovsk Region to identify any inconsistency in the physical and chemical composition of products.

Roman R. Khairullin
Roman R. Khairullin
10 000 tonnes / per year
of deboned meat products
5 000 tonnes / per year
of sausages and delicacies
240 tonnes / per year
of ready-to-cook meat products
Khoroshy Vkus Food Factory
Address: 35 Vilonova St., Yekaterinburg, 620137, Russia
Legal name: Khoroshy Vkus Food Factory JSC