The first stage of the pig breeding complex was commissioned in 1976. The largest pork producer in the Novosibirsk Region: it accounts for more than 93% of total pork production in the region. It is located on two sites: in the village of Krivodanovka and the Kolyvan District of the Novosibirsk Region. The pig breeding complex includes a modern feed mill and the largest crop production enterprise of the Group, with a total land area of 80 thousand ha in seven districts of the region. In 2021, the farm plans to complete the construction of the third stage to increase its design capacity by almost 1.5 times. As a result, the region will get additional 30 thousand tonnes of meat per year. Kudryashovskoe JSC is implementing a pilot project in its fields to improve the yield of crops. In 2020, this project showed good yields for Siberia: up to 6.5 t/ha (on a plot of 828 ha) and even up to 8 t/ha on some fields.
Sergey V. Gorbachev
Sergey V. Gorbachev
245 000 heads of
60 000 tonnes / per year
of pork
Kudryashovsky Pig Breeding Complex
Address: 2 Sadovy Lane, Krivodanovka, Novosibirsk Region, 630511, Russia
Legal name: Kudryashovskoe JSC