One of the leaders in the food industry and the oldest meat packing houses in Siberia.

The plant accounts for 60% of the Tomsk meat product market. It supplies products to nine regions of Russia. Its portfolio includes 300 products: sausages, delicacies, dumplings, ready-to-cook meat products. The production capacity is 130 tonnes of sausages and ready-to-cook meat products per day.

Products of the Tomsky Meat Processing Plant were awarded 100 Best Goods of Russia.
In June 2020, the plant began to export boneless pork to Vietnam.
Igor A. Stepanov
Igor A. Stepanov
Acting Director
16 900 tonnes / per year
of deboned meat products
14 600 tonnes / per year
of sausages and delicacies
3 800 tonnes
of ready-to-cook meat products
Tomsky Meat Processing Plant
Address: 16 Nizhne-Lugovaya, Tomsk, 634009, Russia
Legal name: Agrarian Group JSC MP, Tomsk