The first member of the Group (since 2000) One of the oldest and largest pig breeding complexes in Russia (founded in 1979). In 2017, it was completely reconstructed. A turnaround project, unique for a large Russian cattle farm with almost 200 thousand heads of livestock, helped the company to increase pork production by 30%. It provides Sibagro meat processing enterprises in the Tomsk Region, as well as other Siberian processed meat producers, with raw products.
 Vladimir A. Borovkov
Vladimir A. Borovkov
199 000 heads
of pigs
53 800 tonnes / per year
of pork
Tomsky Pig Breeding Complex
Address: bld. 2, 12th kilometer on the Tomsk–Itatka highway, Tomsky District, Tomsk Region, 634506, Russia
Legal name: Tomsky Pig Breeding Complex of Sibagro JSC