Founded in 1973.

One of the largest pork producers in the Kemerovo Region. The enterprise includes two breeding farms, a main production site, and a processing workshop. In June 2019, it joined the Sibagro Group.

The enterprise has launched a turnaround project. It is a unique experience for Russia, which includes overhaul of workshops, installation of new production equipment, and introduction of automated production management.

The project provides for a livestock renewal based on new highly productive pig breeds to ensure high production rates according to the Group’s standards.

In September 2020, the first piglets were born at the farm.

Alexey I. Kolobaev
Alexey I. Kolobaev
220 000 heads of pigs
design capacity by the end of 2021
39 000 tonnes of pork per year
design capacity by the end of 2021
Chistogorsky Pig Breeding Complex
Address: village of Chistogorsky, Novokuznetsky District, Kemerovo Region, 654235, Russia
Legal name: Chistogorsky Pig Breeding Complex LLC