The largest meat processor in the Novosibirsk Region. In 2019, the enterprise became part of the Sibagro Group. The product range features ready-to-cook meat products from chilled pork (with large and small pieces, portion controlled meat). The enterprise is especially proud of its line of chopped ready-to-cook products. The finished products of the Sibagro meat processing plant are supplied to stores in the city and region of Novosibirsk, federal chains and large local retail stores, markets and specialized outlets. The enterprise uses high-tech equipment to make products that meets all export requirements. In April 2020, the Sibagro meat processing plant was the first in the Novosibirsk Region to supply frozen ready-to-cook meat products, half-carcasses and pork fat to Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The enterprise plans to export its products to Hong Kong and Vietnam. In 2021, a new modern workshop will be launched to make highly processed and ready-to-cook products.
Andrey B. Vasiliev
Andrey B. Vasiliev
29 500 tonnes / per year
of deboned meat products
11 000 tonnes / per year
of sausages and delicacies
4 200 tonnes
of ready-to-cook meat products
Kudryashovsky Meat Processing Plant
Address: 19 Promyshlennaya St., Krivodanovka, Krivodanovsky Rural Council, Novosibirsky District, 630511 Novosibirsk Region, Russia
Legal name: Kudryashovsky Meat Processing Plant LLC