A Breeding and Genetic Center, built in 2017, is a nucleus of the Group.

The enterprise produces breeding stock of pigs that demonstrate the best performance in Russia and a high genetic value.

Since 2018, it has been providing all Sibagro enterprises with pedigree pigs and boars.

In 2020, Tyumensky began to cooperate with DANBRED PC, a Danish company which

is one of the world’s leading producers of pig genetic material.

By using imported semen, pig farms of Sibagro maintain its quality indicators of livestock at the levels of the world’s leading pig producers.

Anatoly V. Batalov
Anatoly V. Batalov
23 000 heads
of pigs
2 257 of
6 611 breeding pigs
Tyumensky Pig Breeding Complex
Address: 4 Zarechnaya, Nizhnya Tavda, Nizhnetavdinsky District, Tyumen Region, Russia
Legal name: Tyumensky Pig Breeding Complex LLC